Theatrical Resume for Michael Cuddy

I did quite a bit of back-stage work in a former life (high school) including lighting and set design, and various other back-stage positions, but I never fancied myself the on-stage type. Yep, man-in-black, that's me -- or so I thought.

It all started in 2002. I had been singing with "The Coventry Carolers", a Victorian christmas caroling group that usually performs at Dickens' fair. That year, also at the fair, there was a production of Gilbert & Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance (still one of my favorite shows). A cast member (and now good friend) of that show said that the Stanford Savoyards needed people to audition for their spring 2002 production of The Mikado.

I auditioned, was put in the chorus, and I've been bitten by the stage bug ever since.

I also have a printable version of this resume.

On-Stage Experience:

Abbreviations: LTSJ - Lyric Theatre of San Jose, RS - Redwood Symphony, SVCP - Sunnyvale Community Players, TAB - Tabard Theatre Company, SAV - Stanford Savoyards
Date Production Role/Character Company Director(s) Notes/Photos
Nov 2015Death Takes A HolidayLorenzoTABKaren Altree Piemme/Lauren Bevilaqua 
Sep 2015FiorelloMorris CohenSBMTC. Michael Traw/Jean Narunksy 
Apr 2015The Mystery of Edwin DroodRev. CrisparkleSVCPDiane Milowicki 
Nov 2014The Best Christmas Pageant EverRev. HopkinsTABJenny Hollingworth 
Oct 2014Utopia, Ltd.ScaphioLTSJPhil Lowery/Jeff Yaeger 
Jun 2014The MikadoPooh BahLTSJMark Blattel/Aaron Schultz 
Oct 2013RuddigoreRuthven (Robin) OakappleLTSJPhil Lowery/Jeff Yaeger 
Jun 2013The Grand DukeLudwigLTSJDavi Euresti/Greg Anderson 
Jun 2012The GondoliersThe Duke of Plaza-ToroLTSJCheryl Blalock/Michael Taylor 
Mar 2012Pirates of PenzanceMaj. Gen. StanleyLTSJMark Blattel/Jeff Yaeger 
Oct 2011H.M.S. PinaforeSir Joseph Porter (K.C.B.)LTSJCathy Tom/Michael Morris 
Jun 2011Bollywood SorcererJ.W. WellsLTSJDavi Euresti/Greg Anderson 
Oct 2010Cox & BoxMr. CoxLTSJPhil Lowery/Greg Anderson 
Oct 2010Babes in ToylandGonzorgoLTSJKim Saunders/Greg Anderson 
May 2010The Zoo & RevueThe Mikado and Despard MurgatroydSAVGraham Roth/Greg Anderson 
Oct 2008The Rose of PersiaThe SultanLTSJMurry/Anderson 
Apr 2008Yeomen of the GuardJack PointSAVEuresti/Anderson'Tis but a melancholy mumming
Mar 2007IolantheGeorge, Earl of MountararatLTSJPerchalski/Taylor 
Mar 2006Die FledermausWarden FrankLTSJBlalock/Sudmeier 
Oct 2005RuddigoreSir Despard MurgatroydLTSJMurry/Morris 
Jun 2005The Chocolate SoldierLt. MassakoffLTSJFidler/Tull 
Apr 2005The MikadoThe Mikado of JapanLTSJTull/ShahaniBackstage, Dress rehearsal
Oct 2004The GondoliersGiuseppe PalmieriLTSJMurry/Morris 
Jun 2004La Vie ParisienneRaoul de GardefeuLTSJGibboney/TullPublicity Photo
Dress Rehearsal
With Joseph (Paul Melville)
Mar 2004Pirates of PenzanceSamuel (a Pirate Lieutenant)LTSJTaylor/SherbundyMe
Nov 2003Rose of PersiaRoyal ExecutionerLTSJPerchalski/TullCast Shot
Oct 2003Princess IdaSynthiusLTSJAscello/TullMe and Me too.
Mad props to Hungary, man!
Jun 2003The MikadoSupernumery "B" (chorus)RSMalucelli/Kujawsky 
Mar 2003H.M.S. PinaforeBill Bobstay, Boatswain's Mate (B'osun)LTSJMalucelli/Sherbundy 
Jun 2002PatienceHeavy Dragoon (chorus)LTSJTaylor/Sherbundy 
Apr 2002The MikadoTitipu Nobleman (chorus)SAVMalucellipics

Other Stuff:

Date Production Role/Character Company Director(s) Notes/Photos
Oct 2014Utopia, Ltd.Technical Director (crew)LTSJ  
Oct 2013RuddigoreTechnical Director (crew)LTSJ  
Oct 2011H.M.S. PinaforeTechnical Director (crew)LTSJ  
Jun 2011Bollywood SorcererTechnical Director (crew)LTSJ  
Mar 2011CarouselStage CrewLTSJ  
Oct 2010Babes in Toyland / Cox and BoxTechnical Director (crew)LTSJ  
Oct 2007Mademoiselle ModisteAssistant Stage Manager (crew)LTSJ  
Jul 2004PotpourriVarious (Baritone/Bass)LTSJBlalock/HermanPerformance for Santa Clara County Housing Authority volunteer appreciation luncheon
Jun 2003La Belle HeleneAssistant Stage Manager (crew)LTSJ